Chocolate – who and what we use

We take great care in finding the best chocolate from the best chocolate makers around the world. We feel, smell, taste.., finding the right chocolate for every specific piece that we dream of making.

Below are some of our favourite makers that we enjoy working with

Ingredients – what we add to our chocolates

We love to explore possibilites of combining fruits, spices, sirups and oils to small artisinal filled chocolates. Enhancing and bringing out the best in the chocolate we find and use for our flavour journeys.

Here is a list of some of our favourite ingredients

Zart Pralinen from Austria. Makers Emile and Marieke make lovely couverture chocolate – as well as beautiful bonbons. Find it in the strawberry or raspberry among others.

inland ice water

Inland Ice. Water in waterganaches is not just water. We use gourmet water from Inland Ice – the finest water from Greenland. Smooth and clean, pure crisp taste.

Friis-Holm. Multiple award winning chocolate maker. Has been part of our journey from the start – and will continue. Part of our world gold medals, such as blueberry, inland ice and olive oil bergamot.

Rokkedyssegaard. Sweet, juicy and tasty; danish strawberries are amazing, and with one of the countries best growers in our backyard, we are lucky. They also provide us with raspberries and blackberries.

Xoco GourmetXoco Gourmet is offering a large and original range of fine and single origin cocoa from Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua and soon Belize.

Frederiksdal Cherrywine. Award wining company producing amazing cherrywine in the southern part of Denmark. We are lucky to get the raw cherry juices from their organic cherries.

Original BeansSuper chocolate with an outstanding taste and social profile. 

Fejø Cider. Award wining company producing the most amazing cider. But also Gastrik (gastrique) which is caramalized apple cider vinegar.