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Artisinal chocolates

We have lots of “hard fun” perfecting new ways to enjoy the divine flavours and textures of really good chocolate.
We use only the best ingredients from the best suppliers with matching values. Values like Quality, Sustainability and Fair Trade.

Wow, we got recognition again 🙂

In spite of all the troubles and challenges of 2020, we are ending the year on positive notes with two gold and one bronze at the Scandinavian chapter of International Chocolate Awards 2020. So nice when our creative play is appreciated! We’ll see to it that they become available after we get our shop up and running – soon… thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Mayan Red Waterganache

Non Dairy Cashew Caramel

Apple Infusion

Our pieces

Combinations and taste journeys: Ingredients are combined to give a full flavour experience – often with the focus on the specific chocolate used in the piece; be it La Dalia or O’Payo from Friis-Holm, Esmaraldas or Virunga from Original Beans or Red Mayan from Xoco. 

Often combinations of berries, spices and herbs give a “flavour journey” to the piece – from chocolate to sweetness to acidity to richness and back to chocolate. For instance in the Blackberry Tarragon or the Blueberry Rosemary. Other times it’s a unique ingredient such as the raw juices from Frederiksdal Cherrywine or the special made organic apple syrup from Fra Fejø. And classics like rhubarb/vanilla. 

Having problems or questions — please do not hesitate to contact us:
Phone: +45 22 27 73 53 or

  • Svenningsen & Ørstrup Nordic Chocolatiers Apple piece

    Apple Infusion

    85,00 DKK

    Box of 5 pieces. A ganache with a fresh, crisp mouthfeel.. Apple syrup ganache based on a pure dark 70% chocolate from Xoco. Beautiful balance of sweetness and acidity.

  • Blackberry Tarragon

    85,00 DKK

    Box of 5 pieces. Blackberries are cooked together with fresh tarragon. The taste? Intriguing! Using Virunga chocolate from Original Beans.

  • Blueberry Rosemary

    85,00 DKK

    Box of 5 pieces. Fruity smooth ganache of intense, dark Friis-Holm chocolate and fresh blueberries infused with fresh rosemary. A Nordic Chocolatiers classic.

  • Cherry Infusion

    85,00 DKK

    Box of 5 pieces. Ganache infused with cherry juice from Frederiksdal Cherrywine complementing and accentuating the chocolate flavours from a mix of 70% and 60% La Dalia from Friis-Holm.

  • Inland Ice

    85,00 DKK

    Box of 5 pieces. Smooth, cool and clean water ganache based on 70% dark O’payo from Friis-Holm and the purest crisp water from Greenland.

  • Muscovado Caramel

    85,00 DKK

    Box of 5 pieces. Deep chocolate-enriched caramel from dark muscovado cane sugar – with a pinch of aromatic sea salt from Saltwerk in Iceland.

  • Olive Oil Bergamot

    85,00 DKK
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    Box of 5 pieces. Creamy, intense dark ganache, smoothed with a dash of olive oil and lightly flavoured with bergamot.

  • Rhubarb

    85,00 DKK

    Box of 5 pieces. Acidity and tannins from rhubarb meets smooth Esmeraldas chocolate from Original Beans.

  • Spicy Pecan

    85,00 DKK

    Box of 5 pieces. Organic pecans caramelized with star anis, liquorice root and Icelandic sea salt. Mmm …

This is us

Svenningsen & Ørstrup Nordic Chocolatiers logo

Peter Svenningsen – gastronomic chocolate nerd

Award-winning chocolatier Peter Svenningsen constantly strives for the ultimate chocolate experience. Seeking to promote and accentuate the divine nuances of good chocolate, he is innovative and uncompromising both in his selection of ingredients and in his craftsmanship.

Every piece is carefully designed to satisfy both visually and in taste. With an uncompromising approach to raw ingredients, the artisanal chocolates are pure, simple, and exceptional. For many years, the production of handcrafted artisanal chocolates was a hobby preserved for friends and family. However, Peter was convinced to submit his chocolate to the International chocolate awards and won gold – world’s best chocolate.

Jakob Ørstrup – foodie, artisan & culinary innovator

With his uncompromising approach, Jakob Ørstrup always seeks to unleash the full flavour potential of any of the carefully selected ingredients he works with. An insatiable gastronomic curiosity and fearless play with food characterizes Jacob, and he is not afraid to break with traditional cuisines and conventions in the art of cooking. An approach to gastronomy that more than once has led Jakob into the role of respected adviser to well-known chefs and renowned food companies.

Simplicity, purity & honesty characterize Jakob’s food, and since 2018, also his chocolates.

Ingredients and partnerships

We explore and seek out the best ingredients for our pieces. First and foremost of course the chocolates. But also the finest waters, fruits and fruit produce. From likeminded adventurers in gastronomy or homegrown…


We take great care in finding and using the best chocolate we can find. For us, chocolate is simply not just chocolate. Its not just using “good dark chocolate”. We are proud to say who and what we use. Every chocolate maker uses time and energy in making some of the worlds best chocolate. So when we make our pieces, we strive to combine the right chocolate with the right ingredients. This is why we don’t just use a single dark chocolate. And the hunt for good chocolate is part of our journey, so that we also can expand our horizons. The O’Payo from Friis-Holm for the Inland Ice or the La Dalia for our Olive oil pieces. Our new Blackberry Terragon is smooth with Virunga from Original Beans. Or using Tien Giang 80% from Marou for the acidity of the apples for the Apple Infusion piece.


Ingredients are acquired from trusted partners with the same mindset when it comes to quality in produce: World class chocolate from Friis-Holm, unique salts from Icelandic Saltwerk; soft, sweet, organic birch sap from Voss Distilery in Iceland; refined cherry juice from Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin, coldbrewed coffee from Ayoola and the purest, smooth water from esteemed gourmet water supplier Inland Ice.

Collaboration between producers is vital to producing high quality end products. We take great care to ensure that we only work with the best – the innovative seekers of perfection – who share our values and beliefs regarding quality, fair trade and sustainability


Our chocolates have won numerous awards at national and international competitions. We have won for our individual chocolates, but have also won awards for our chocolate spread, inclusion and infusion bars and for our pålægschokolade. Bringing out the most wonderful aromas in the best ingredients, nature has to offer. Handcrafted artisanal chocolates with an attitude.