Our chocolate philosophy

Nordic chocolate… For us that means the highest in quality, ethics and sustainability. From ourselves and our suppliers. Plus originality and creativity. Resulting in some of the world’s best chocolate!  

Chocolate, that gains an ever larger following of fans – in Denmark and in the world. Chocolate, that gains international recognition, winning prizes worldwide for being some of the best chocolate in the world.

Small, tantalizing taste-journeys crafted with great care.

Great joy from small wonders

We truly love chocolate! And, composing new tastes and products, we seek to promote and accentuate the notes and nuances of great couverture chocolates – with tastes and textures from berries, fruits, spices, nuts… and water! Among other good things.

We like to say we design taste-journeys – where your senses experience, for instance, the sweetness of chocolate, a touch of acidity, a smooth buttery sensation and lastly the dark, round fullness of chocolate. And along the way often tastes and textures from fresh berries, interesting herbs, nuts… we hope to surprise and excite you on the way!

Spoil yourself and the ones around you with our award-winning chocolates. We deliver to businesses too – Hotel, Restaurant, Café, conferences, events etc. – Give us a call or send us a mail!