peter svenningsen

Jakob Ørstrup

Foodie, artisan & culinary innovator

With his uncompromising approach, Jakob Ørstrup always seeks to unleash the full flavour potential of any of the carefully selected ingredients he works with.

An insatiable gastronomic curiosity and fearless play with food characterizes Jacob, and he is not afraid to break with traditional cuisines and conventions in the art of cooking. An approach to gastronomy that more than once has led Jakob into the role of respected adviser to well-known chefs and renowned food companies.

Simplicity, purity & honesty characterize Jakob’s food, and since 2018, also his chocolates.

peter svenningsen

Peter Svenningsen

Gastronomic chocolate nerd, for years among the world’s most award-winning chocolatiers

With his strong intuitive sense for taste combinations, and an insatiable need to experiment, Peter constantly strives for the ultimate chocolate experience.

Peter’s ambitious and innovative work promotes, accentuates and contrasts the divine nuances and textures of good chocolate in the most beautiful ways. Peter aims for pure, simple and exceptional. And, simply, the world’s best chocolate.

Also for Peter, the selection of quality ingredients and ditto suppliers remain cornerstone values.