Our most important ingredients: chocolate and water

We take great care in finding the best chocolate from the best chocolate makers around the world. We feel, smell, taste.., finding the right chocolate for every specific piece that we dream of making.

Some of our favourite makers that we enjoy working with:

Zart Pralinen from Austria. Makers Emile and Marieke make lovely couverture chocolate – as well as beautiful bonbons. Find it in the strawberry or raspberry among others.

Friis-Holm. Multiple award winning chocolate maker. Has been part of our journey from the start – and will continue. Part of our world gold medals, such as blueberry, inland ice and olive oil bergamot.

Original Beans. Super chocolate with an outstanding taste and social profile.

Xoco Gourmet. Xoco Gourmet is offering a large and original range of fine and single origin cocoa from Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua and soon Belize.


Inland Ice. Artistic water from the inland ice from Greenland. Pure, clean and simple. We use it in all our water ganaches – in most of our pieces. Even our Spicy Pecan where we caramalise the pecans in muscovado sugar and inland ice water.

Fruits and berries

We love to explore possibilites of combining fruits, spices, sirups and oils to small artisinal filled chocolates. Enhancing and bringing out the best in the chocolate we find and use for our flavour journeys.

Here is a list of some of our favourite ingredients:

Blåbær Knud. Located close to Silkeborg in Jutland, Knud grows some of the most fantastic organic bluberries we can get our hands on. These are used in one of our signatur pieces, the first gold at the International Chocolate Awards, the Blueberry Rosemary piece.

Rokkedyssegaard. Sweet, juicy and tasty; danish strawberries are amazing, and with one of the countries best growers in our backyard, we are lucky. They also provide us with raspberries and blackberries.

Frederiksdal Cherrywine. Award wining company producing amazing cherrywine in the southern part of Denmark. We are lucky to get the raw cherry juices from their organic cherries.


Part of our DNA is pairing our chocolates with fruits, berries and herbs and spices. Sometimes it brings out the flavours or adds an oomph, or just cause we kinda like it.

Here is a list of some of our favourite ingredients:

Rosemary. Part of our signature piece, the Blueberry Rosemary, this herb sort of started our journey. Just love rosemary, so why not add it to a ganache. And here it somehow just works so well with the subtle bluberries.

Wild Arctic Thyme. Just great adding this wild icelandic herb to raspberries from Rokkedyssegaard.

Tarragon. Great ingredient in the blackberry ganache, creating a deep rich Grand Cru piece. It almost gets better with time.

And other good stuff

Apart from great chocolate, smoothe water, lucious fruits and great herbs, we use a good mixture of other ingredients to give our chocolates the mouthfeel and taste that they have.

Some of these are:

Liquorice. Rich tasting liquorice from Afganistan used in our Spicy Pecan pieces, but also as a major ingredient in our 3 Spices hot chocolate.

Sea Salt. Icelandic sea salt from gourmet salt producers Saltwerk in Iceland. Crisp, crunchy and salty, the way we like it. Find it in our Muscovado Caramel and Salt hot chocolate.

Vanilla. No description needed, other than great quality to give our Rhubarb Vanilla piece the right balance of sweeynes and acidity.

Muscovado Sugar. Unrefined sugar from Mauritius. Ads beautiful character and caramel notes to several of our ganaches.

Fejø Gastrik. Lovely organic gastrique from producer Fejø Cider. The nordic answer to balsamico, for our strawberry ganache.